Galaxy Aqua 3XL Handwash

Galaxy Aqua 3XL Handwash
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Water inside a new unit

Navan Assuming you received the unit in a sealed box this is normal. Some manufacturers test units before sending them out. Water in a new shower unit is generally a good sign as you know it has been tested by the manufacturer.

Water gets too hot and keeps cutting off power

gen-casino-it First ensure that the main water valve coming in to the house is fully open. Then check any valves going in to your handwash.

If all valves are open then there may not be enough water getting to the heater to cool it properly. The overheat safety device will turn the power off until it cools- and will continue repeat this cycle until there is sufficient water.

Try running the handwash without the spray head. If the handwash maintains power and runs correctly you may need a new spray arm.

All available spares including the spray arm can be found on: