Galaxy G8000s Electric Shower

Galaxy G8000s Electric Shower
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Ipaba FAQ

Water inside a new unit

Pingliang Assuming you received the unit in a sealed box this is normal. Some manufacturers test units before sending them out. Water in a new shower unit is generally a good sign as you know it has been tested by the manufacturer.

No hot water and increase flow light is on

If water coming out of the shower is completely cold then it is likely a faulty TCO (Thermal Cut Out).

The TCO is designed to cut off power to the elements if the shower overheats.

Using a multimeter it is possible to test the TCO. A faulty TCO will have no continuity across the two terminals (the black part on top of the heating tank). A good TCO will have power at both connections and a faulty TCO will have power at only one.

If the water is even slightly warm it may be a faulty element in the heating tank. You can test the elements using a multimeter- you should get a reading of between 12 and 18 Ohms.

Both the TCO and element assembly are available to order online from:

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